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1959 Fiat 600

1959 Fiat - MPG Competition Vehicle 

   This is a 1959 Fiat 600 as photographed in 1968 at the Wood River Shell Plant in Roxana, Illinois around the time of the 1968 Shell Mileage Marathon. That year the Fiat achieved a new fuel mileage record of 244mpg. This site documents the recovery of the car in 2005 where the car was found sitting inside Talladega Raceway park since early 1980s. The car had deteriorated sitting out in the weather. To see that condition, click and view the Fiat restoration in the category "Vehicle Pictures".  To learn more about the history of this vehicle (and others) click the links above and read more about the Mileage Marathons from 1939 to 1977. I will post pictures as the progress warrants. Welcome to my site.

Hello. My name is Ken Smith. I have been researching the internet for information on fuel economy and ways to make it better since 2002. Many of the answers are out there. We just don?t use them. In my search, I found this car. What a find! I have on several accounts, restored vehicles on a personal level. So, finding this vehicle and having the experience and skill to restore it, will make a great project. The little car was one of the record holding vehicles in the Shell Mileage Marathons racing for fuel economy. This site will reveal the vehicle modifications and driving technique describing the way it was done as well as other vehicles that sistered the races with the Fiat. It is not my intention to debate mileage records but rather to show the results of teamwork and effort through the desire to win in friendly competition. Join me in a part of Wood River Shell history.

This website and vehicle are privately owned by Kenneth Smith. All information is recorded as I receive it. The vehicle was abandoned over 40 years ago. It is now restored, retired and considered a historical automobile. If you would like to make comment or ask questions, email using "website" in subject bar of email.  Contact me at: 

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