Shell Fiat

1959 Fiat 600

2014 Eco-Marathon April 24th- 27th

Houston Autorama 2013

1959 Fiat in Houston Autorama Car Show World of Wheels 2013.

Pictured are two of the three Engineers that worked on the Fiat back in late 60s and early 70s to compete in the Shell Mileage Marathon. Left and front is Doug Carlson. To the right is Rich Trokey. The third Engineer was Jim Jones (deceased). Doug and Rich were reunited with the Fiat from way back. Lots of memories and stories flew in conversations. Was glad the two were able to see the car again.

Pictured is my brother (right) Damon Smith and myself. Damon is credited with sheet metal repair and professional advice. Damon is an experienced professional autobody repair man. Proof is in the posted pictures.

This picture includes myself with close friend Mike Cobb. Mike is also here with his three children. Mike has been great support to this Fiat project.

This picture is of my wife, Barbara and myself. There was lots of patience in her with this adventure. In the car show, the category I was placed in, I took first place with the Fiat. Lots of public interest. it was a geat time in the show which happens Thanksgiving weekend every year thursday thru sunday. Houston, Texas.



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