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Mileage Improvement Devices (past and present)          05-01-2016

Below are items I have found that were available from the past or are available now in the present which are described as fuel economy boosters. I have not confirmed their claims. Maybe you know of an item I do not have listed that should be added to my list. Email me and I will try to locate info and pics to add it to the list. I will be posting pics of carbs most anyone may have never seen before. If you know something about any of these, please contact me to share information. I for one want to document my information correct and thoroughly.                                                                Jan 27, 2011    


Mileage Maker



  This item is a vaporizer that uses engine cooling water for heat to promote vaporization of the fuel. The device is probably from the '80s. If anyone ever used one or knows about it, please reply a quick note. I have this device in this condition as NOS still in the box. I have not tried using the device. More info when I find some.

Holley "Mile Dial"

 The Holley unit shown above is an add-on to the holley carburetor. The front metering block and fuel bowl are replaced with the new items in the kit to give an electrical assisted fuel controller to fine tune the performance of the carburetor in use. The way this device works is the metering block houses the main fuel jets. Depending on if you want performance or mileage determines how you will control the function of the kit. The kit provides an electrically controlled fuel jet which opens (or closes) by supplementally giving the driver a fine control over adding extra fuel or removing unneeded fuel. If your intended purpose of the kit is to provide extra power to pull a boat or trailor, dial the control valve open more. Or if you prefer to lean out the use of unneeded extra fuel while highway driving, dial down the extra fuel you want to remove. The really neat part about this kit is it can be used to increase or decrease fuel flow from the driver seat by the twist of a knob. What determines the primary use is whether you up the size or down the size of the main jets in the metering block. What a cool setup for a carbureted vehicle. These kits are rare and hard to find new. I have a few of them.

Pogue Style Carburetor                                                  05-01-2016

   I am including this entry of a home built Pogue style Vapor Carburetor to see how much interest there is today. Although this carburetor is not exactly as Pogue had built his, it is still interesting to see how a builder, today, would build his working model. Being that technology increases over time, today's carb would have improved operation and/or parts.

   The story about this carb goes like this.....

Many years ago, a young man by the name of Charles W. Rosenbeck saw a story in a 1957 Popular Mechanics magazine about a miraculous invention of a carburetor that achieved a very high miles per gallon on a V8 engine built by Charles Pogue from Winnipeg, Canada. This article really stirred him up. He looked at that article, the story and the pictures close. "I can build one too". He set that thought in motion and below are pics of his efforts to build one of Pogue's famous high MPG carburetors. The internet is full of information on Charles Pogue. I suggest if you do not know that name, and are interested in the subject of this website, then do your research and learn some great history. 



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